My Services

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Romantic Fiction is my specialty.

I adjust my focus according to your wishes and your manuscript’s needs. I push my clients to be their best!

Content Edit

In a content edit, I include extensive in-manuscript commentary, line edits as needed, and a comprehensive edit report. My approach is not only to identify issues and opportunities but also to explain my reasoning and offer possible solutions. I use the “track changes” and “comment” features in MS Word to point out specific issues.

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Areas I address:
• plot logic
• character development
• backstory
• conflict and goals
• pacing and structure
• metaphors and themes
• story arc
• turning points
• tone
• sexual tension
• dialogue
• worldbuilding
• point of view 

Incidental to my content examination, I will note and correct copy errors if I spot them as I read. Often I spot a lot.

Copy Edit

In a Copy Edit, I focus on the technical aspects of the manuscript and include line edits as needed.

 Areas I address:
• grammar
• punctuation
• word usage
• spelling
• mechanics of style
• detail and description consistency
• world building consistency
• awkward phrasing
• repetitive language
• clarity
• timeline
• minor fact checking

Two-Stage Edit

In a Two-Stage Edit, I provide both a content edit and a post-revision copy edit. In Stage 1, I focus on content advice and begin the copy-edit process. In Stage 2, I complete the copy edit and address lingering content issues. This holistic approach allows for improvements at each stage, taking your manuscript to the next level.

*As references, I use The Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition) and the Merriam-Webster subscription service.